This New Fuel Cell Tech Could Power Your Phone for a Week

Regardless of how productive our gadgets get as far as power utilization, there's truly just so many makers can do given the constraints of the vitality source: lithium-particle batteries. 

Yet, scientists from Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea have planned what they're calling a scaled down strong oxide power device that could supplant current battery tech in everything from cell phones to rambles. Also, the tech could even be scaled up for bigger applications including electric vehicles. 

The school composes this new power device is the first on the planet to consolidate permeable stainless steel with thin-film electrolyte and cathodes that are "of insignificant warmth limit." The outcome? Both execution and sturdiness (lithium particles greatest feeble spots over the long haul) jumped pretty drastically. Furthermore, as far as genuine changes, Pohang's researchers say this prompts an automaton that can fly for over an hour and cell phones that exclusive require a charge once per week. 

Farewell battery uneasiness, his gadgets with much better lifespan.

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